Rod Butcher

Fidelity International
Surrey, UK

Customers are people, not robots. Emotions count, and every CX creates good or bad emotions, either by design or accident.

We need to understand the impact of our actions on our customers. I have a history of driving customer-centred improvements, firstly at Aviva plc, more recently with a global CX consultancy and now at Fidelity.

Currently, I am the Client Experience Development Lead at Fidelity International, a world-class investment management company.  I help the organisation think ‘outside-in’ to redesign the client experience to one we aspire to deliver. And one our clients deserve.

I’m also a Net Promoter Associate and a Certified Customer Experience Professional (CCXP).


Key CX Achievements: 
  1. Setting up and running the global VOC programme in Aviva, a leading global insurer.
  2. Championed various journey mapping engagements in Aviva, globally.
  3. With numerous clients across various geographies, used design thinking tools and method to design the desired customer experience.
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