Penny Couchman

COO & CMO, Creator of magical opportunities
Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Putting customers at the centre of my thinking is part of my DNA. I've managed this over 20 years in marketing strategy, brand and channel development. Whether creating a new brand, an enriched customer experience or negotiating a new channel agreement. Customers have a say. I love working with companies to transform their thinking and keep their promises to their customers. And I’ve helped brands across Australia, Asia and Middle East to make these changes.

Based in Dubai, I am the Chair of Australian Business Council.

My role with TribeCX is to keep our promises to you.


Key CX Achievements: 
  1. In an undifferentiated and jaded telecommunications market, created an 'anti-establishment’ brand. Through customer centric thinking, dingo blue disrupted the market with straightforward products.
  2. Internal brand engagement across 25,000 employees for Kingdom of Saudi Arabia's largest telco, STC.
  3. Through stakeholder engagement and marketing activities, grew Abu Dhabi Airports Company by 14.6% average annual passenger growth and attracting 15 new airlines and 22 new destinations to the hub.
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