Mark Harrison

London, UK

I've been an active CX professional for over 20 years.  As  CX lead for Shell's global customer experience initiatives I was responsible for ensuring that the customer experience strategy and operations were best-in-market.   

My passion is transforming a business around the customer conversation.  Seeing the change in attitude and behaviours internally to rally behind delivery of the experience is very rewarding.

I believe everyone has the right to expect a great customer experience.  However over 80% of companies fail to consistently deliver a relevant and reliable customer experience.  The biggest reason is that they lack clear understanding of what a good customer experience should be, and clear, actionable steps to take to improve it.  I’m passionate about helping fellow customer experience leaders succeed and deliver their business goals, and TribeCX’s community, experience, understanding and global reach ensures CX leaders get the right advice and support.

I am also a Board Director at Warwick Analytics.


Key CX Achievements: 

1. Drove a transformation in customer experience for Shell’s B2B and B2C customers across 30+ markets, with Customer Satisfaction Index scores rising from 6.4 to 8.5 and Net Promoter Scores jumping from below 20 to 60. 

2. Oversaw a company-wide cultural shift which embedded customer experience at the centre of the business, resulting in over $100m of additional revenue.

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