Doug Houston

CIO, Chief ingenuity officer
London, UK

I've held operations and product management roles within CX consulting organisations for the past 15 years. Before specialising in CX I was in marketing, business development and strategy roles in oil and financial industries. I've enjoyed working with clients across retail, transport, gaming, health helping them achieve customer centric transformation. I've led the development of new consulting approaches and managed global consulting operations to clients in North America, Europe, Middle East, Asia and Africa.

My role at TribeCX includes managing our content and engaging our dynamic community of people passionate about CX.


Key CX Achievements: 
  1. Created and deployed CX products in over 200 engagements worldwide to transform the capabilities of organisations in many different sectors, to deliver an enhanced experience to their customers.
  2. Led BP’s European Customer Responsiveness programme, an international customer change program supporting BP’s ambition to become a world-class customer centric brand.
  3. Supported Royal Bank of Scotland's expansion into new markets by developing customer management strategies and transferred best practices skills and knowledge across multi-national business units.
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