Dave Mingle

CXAdvisors Group
Detroit, MI

My mission is to help define what the future of mobility experience will look like and to inspire a customer-centric mindset and approach to making it happen.

Until recently, I was the General Director of Global Customer Experience at General Motors. This executive position was created to drive CX innovation, program execution, and planning across our 5 global regions or the business - NA, Europe, South America, China, and other International Operations. We want to define the future of automotive customer experience, not be a victim of it.

I have 30 years’ experience in the automotive industry working with Nissan, Ford and General Motors. Building my experience across finance, marketing and general managements before finding my true passion, in driving customer-centred organisational transformation.

I am often asked to speak at CX and leadership forums and conferences.


Key CX Achievements: 
  1. Leading the development and global adoption of innovative approaches to customer understanding through journey mapping and closed-loop voice-of-customer processes.
  2. Designing and executing highly-integrated, seamless digital experiences that drive customer engagement, loyalty, and advocacy.
  3. Building teams, training strategies, and governance models to define, prioritize, and reward the behaviors that drive CX excellence.
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