TribeCX Hot House Event

We’re excited to personally invite you to our first virtual ‘Hot House’ session on the latest innovations and great practices within the digital retail experience!

With customer expectations ever-increasing, customers are demanding more from brands at every stage of the customer journey, and there is a danger of getting a reputation of being left behind.

Register for our 60-minute ‘Hot House’ session

As a valued member of our tribe, our 60-minute ‘Hot House’ session will discuss the current best-in-class customer experiences around the following key stages:

– Pre-purchase

– Purchase and delivery 

– First-use/set up

– Return

Let us know your availability:

Thursday, 13th April 2023 – 4pm – 5pm BST
Friday, 14th April 2023 – 3pm – 4pm BST

We’ll pick the date with the most availability

Please indicate which, or both, you could make and we will go with the majority.

Join this personal debate of only 6/7 delegates for a full discussion on the topic.

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    What you will get for joining for Hot House session:

    • The chance to choose a future topic of interest to your organisation for a future Hot House session, with appropriate CX leaders from our community. 
    • You’ll receive a useful and practical summary of the discussion so you can take the shared experiences back into your business
    TribeCX Hot House Event