Your North Star Template

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You’ve heard how to deliver value from CX, and now we’re giving you the tools to do it!

ūüéČ Download your North Star template below

A North Star is the guiding light for you and your colleagues to drive the ultimate customer experience within your business.

The template will allow you to:

Define the experience you want to deliver‚Äč

– Using the company’s vision & mission, you create a ‘customer ambition‚Äô…‚Äč

– Using your customer insight together with your brand values, you build your North Star – ‚ÄúHow you design, deliver & measure the desired experience‚ÄĚ‚Äč

– You then create and review this with input across the organization‚Äč

Bring this to life for the whole organization so you can all understand what it means in your roles‚Äč

‚Äč- Created a narrative around the desired experience that tells a story you can all align behind ‚Äč

– Using persona(s) you recognize, create scenarios to describe what the new customer experience looks and feels like‚Äč

Your North Star template and cheat sheet is ready for you to amend and use for your business right away!

Your North Star Template

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