Failing When It Comes To CX? Here’s Why…

Published date: 07 Apr 2021

Being a CX leader is not for the faint-hearted. It is a challenging role – but it can also be the most rewarding. When it comes to taking charge of customer experience some people can fail but help is out there.

TribeCX CEO David Hicks sat down with Regional Business Leader and leading CX expert, Amy Radin, to discuss the reasons why people can fail when it comes to CX, and what they can do to turn it around.

So why do people fail in CX?

There are three common reasons why a company’s customer experience can fall flat, and why CX leaders in these companies can feel like they are failing.

  1. Not being able to get senior executives engaged and actively talking about customer experience
  2. Struggling to have the courage to lead and get others to follow
  3. Don’t know how to engage and inspire colleagues, or be able to show them how CX can help them be successful

But when it comes to tackling those CX challenges, help is on hand!

How can you turn it around?

It is possible to turn the CX challenges listed above into CX success, but how?

  1. Get good at proving, scaling and adopting. Build your execution muscle in your company and start to gain credibility internally by showing that it works
  2. Focus on your governance. Get the help you need to convince your senior executives to be more customer-centric and run the business properly
  3. Build up your CX capabilities and show leadership through learning and education.

Having someone in your corner to provide CX coaching, advice, and workshop support can be invaluable. TribeCX are not CX consultants.

View the full video below: