Why brand isn’t enough

Published date: 30 May 2024

We know there’s value in brand investment to the bottom line, but brands alone are no longer effective in driving customer loyalty.

TribeCX explores why customer experience (CX) is the new frontier, changing how we think about brands, and creating lasting customer relationships.

Key areas when it comes to brand and CX

Experience matters

A strong brand can make you look good and get people to notice you, but if you want to win your customers’ hearts, minds, and wallets, you’ve got to back that up with experiences that matter.

Your brand is your promise – a promise of quality, consistency, and value.

It’s like telling everyone you’re a Michelin-star restaurant. If your waiting staff are slow and rude, no one will care that you’re a five-star restaurant anymore. It’s all about delivering on your promise, every single time.

High customer expectations

Customers have set the bar high, and rightly so. They want smooth transactions, quick fixes to their problems, and a personal touch that makes them feel special.

On one hand, they crave efficiency and reliability. On the other, they want a deep emotional connection that makes them feel valued.

Your brand alone can’t fulfill all these needs. You need to weave your values into every interaction with your customer and meet their priority needs.

The magic combination

When you combine your brand with a brilliant customer experience, magic happens.

Picture this: your brand promises innovation.

If your employees are proactive, your omni channels are seamless, your problem-solving is personalised, and you’re not just meeting expectations – you’re smashing them.

73% of consumers say a great experience is what makes them loyal to a brand

PwC ‘Experience is Everything’ report

This perfect blend of brand and customer experience will not only make customers happy, but also elevate ROI, and engage employees. Happy customers stay, tell their friends, and engage with your brand on all fonts. This results in more revenue, lower acquisition costs, and a stronger foothold in the market.


Businesses that deliberately design the customer experience, and consistently deliver that experience, see a 1.5-2x growth in revenue.

Measuring Value from CX, TribeCX & CXM@MSU Global Study

The evidence is there. Going beyond the brand is now an essential path to growth and differentiation, and combining experiences that are designed and delivered across customer, colleague, partner, and guest channels, will get you there faster.

This combination delivers an experience that customers will love and keeps them returning for more, driving loyalty and boosting your bottom line.

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