Top 5 Hacks for CX in Your Technology Business 

Published date: 04 Jun 2024

The tech world is often obsessed with innovation, churning out the next big thing before the last one settles. But in this relentless pursuit of progress, it’s easy to forget the customer – the one using, buying, and ultimately determining the success of your tech.

Here’s how to introduce a healthy dose of customer focus into your technology business, with some actionable hacks to get you started. 

Feel their pain points 

Technology can be complex. Have you sat down and truly understood the problems your customers are facing?  

Hack #1: Shadow your customers. Spend time observing them using your product. Notice their frustrations, confusions, and those precious “aha!” moments. This real-world experience will inform your customer experience (CX) development process like no data ever could. 

Make feedback easy 

Frictionless feedback is key. Don’t bury your customers in surveys or force them to navigate complex channels.  

Hack #2: In-app feedback tools. Embed easy-to-use feedback buttons within your product. A simple thumbs up/thumbs down or a quick rating system can provide valuable, real-time insights that you can use to improve areas on your CX journey. 

Be open and honest 

Technology glitches happen, but it’s how you handle these that defines your customer focus.  

Hack #3: Proactive communication. If an outage is looming, don’t wait for the complaints to roll in. Acknowledge the issue upfront, explain what you’re doing to fix it, and keep your customers informed. Transparency builds trust. 

Foster a customer hub 

Customers often have the best solutions.  

Hack #4: Create a customer forum or online community. This allows users to share experiences, troubleshoot issues, and even suggest improvements. Not only does it foster a sense of belonging, but it can also be a goldmine for valuable CX insights. 

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Empower your customer support 

Your customer support team is on the front line of customer experience.  

Hack #5: Invest in your support team. Give them the resources, training, and most importantly, the autonomy to solve customer problems quickly and efficiently. Empower them to be heroes, not gatekeepers. 


Remember, customer focus isn’t a one-time fix. It’s a continuous journey of listening, learning, and adapting. By implementing these hacks, you can ensure that your technology business isn’t just innovative but also designed to truly serve the needs of the people who use it.