Top 4 ways to consistently communicate your North Star

Published date: 11 Jun 2024

Imagine you communicate your North Star, with great fanfare. But instead of a unified vision, you’re met with a chorus of misinterpretations. The marketing team sees it one way, while sales have a completely different understanding. What do you do when your North Star becomes a constellation of conflicting ideas? 

Top 4 ways to communicate your North Star

TribeCX shares the top 4 ways to create a consistent customer experience: 

  • Cross-functional collaboration: Include representatives from all critical functions (marketing, sales, customer support, etc.) in defining the North Star and its implications for their specific roles 
  • Storytelling: Use real-life customer scenarios to illustrate how the North Star translates into tangible improvements in the customer experience 
  • Pressure testing: Encourage departments to “pressure test” the North Star by analysing current customer experiences and envisioning how they would be redesigned to align with the vision 
  • Empower champions: Seek out colleagues who naturally embody the values of the North Star and empower them to champion the vision across the organisation

By including diverse voices in the North Star’s definition and actively seeking champions, you foster a sense of ownership. Bring the North Star to life for colleagues by creating scenarios that they will relate to.

What is a North Star?

The purpose of a North Star is to describe the intended experience and how it will be delivered.​

A North Star is a step-by-step process, engaging colleagues and leadership, to help you define the intended experience that is then tested and embedded​.

The real value is in its application. A North Star can be developed for a brand or just an experience. Once it’s complete, a North Star is used to guide almost all change. North Star is often the most important part of CX, so we recommend tackling it early.

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A clearly defined North Star, coupled with a strategy for ensuring alignment across the organisation, is essential for achieving a cohesive and customer-centric experience.