TribeCX tips & tricks for your EX-toolbox

Published date: 03 Sep 2021

TribeCX highlights the top ways to integrate both employee experience and customer experience into your CX agenda.

Through collaboration with our experts in our Campfire CX community here are some great handy tips and tricks to guide EX success: 

Strong onboarding and welcome programs 

From buddy schemes, connecting with colleagues, training, and monthly check-ins for a healthy integration as a new employee.

Employee workshops 

Getting all employees involved in sharing brand values, asking for input on putting the customer first, interaction with customers, and then applying these values to employee and customer propositions.

Align from an ethical cultural experience 

The deliberate design of culture to build an ethical standing which employees and customers are proud of, loyal to, and would happily recommend and share with others.

Levers of change 

Engaging employees to know what change is needed, the value, and giving them the tools and skills to succeed, whilst reward and recognition is there to implement and sustain the change. 

Not just one of these is going to completely transform your CX strategy or employee experience, but considering a few, if not all, will really make a difference to your CX and EX.