Talking CX: How to start the conversation with staff, customers, and stakeholders

Published date: 28 Jun 2021

Customer experience should not be a well-kept secret. It needs to be talked about – BY everyone, WITH everyone. So how do you get organisations to chat about all things CX?

As a CX leader it is up to you to start the conversation (and keep it going!), and our TribeCX network shares how…


A conversation is an exchange of views and ideas of two or more people. That means you also have to listen as well as talk. Meet with each person and work to understand their goals, and then keep the dialogue going – keep collecting feedback, keep it real and focused.


Share your CX messages where they will be seen. The customer experience agenda is not a secret – share it far and wide. Keeping it visible keeps it in focus, and in turn, will encourage colleagues to challenge the CX status quo and what could be achieved.


It is important to connect and talk about CX on all levels of a business. Forging a cross-business CX leadership support team can drive this and help to oversee operational change. Create a mechanism so those in the C-Suite can talk to those on the frontline, and ensure it flows both ways.


Validate the impact of your CX changes and communicate the outcomes to the whole business. And don’t forget to capture all the learnings in a playbook!