What does the Covid crisis mean for the Real Estate sector now?

Published date: 26 Aug 2020

Historically, Real Estate has been about location, location, location. But it’s now also about flexibility, agility, safety and purpose!

Covid-19 has ‘compressed three years of change into three months’

And accelerated some previous trends. Real estate – especially commercial – as a sector is facing more challenges than any other.

In the latest whitepaper in our sector-in-focus series, TribeCX CEO, David Hicks has set out the practical tips from senior CX leaders on how Real Estate Execs might leverage learning from CX transformation to help to address the current challenges in real estate.

This is our third piece for our TribeCX #sectorinfocus series, Building Blocks, providing CX leaders with practical advice on how to navigate their way through this Covid-19 world.

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