TribeCX Regional Business Leader to Amazon Best Selling Author

Published date: 26 Mar 2021
TribeCX's Olivier Mourrieras has written an exert for 'Customer Experience 3', which is set to be an Amazon best selling book
Olivier Mourrieras gives TribeCX an exclusive insight into his paper on ‘Drive CX Value or Get Yourself a New Job’ in the new book release of ‘Customer Experience 3’.

Regional Business Leader Olivier Mourrieras is one of 28 CX practitioners celebrating the release of ‘Customer Experience 3’ a practical CX book, set to be an Amazon best seller.

‘Customer Experience 3’ is the third installment of a series of Amazon best sellers, sharing current CX best-thinking, strategies and insights on the best-practice CX principles, and this one aims to be no different.

TribeCX Regional Business Leader Jack Scheible spoke to Olivier on the release date to find out more about ‘Customer Experience 3’, and his bold and realistic exert ‘Drive CX Value or Get Yourself a New Job’, also providing afew top-tips on driving value in your CX team.

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This is an engaging and insightful podcast highlighting the importance of getting the whole business on board by talking ‘their’ language, how early adopters will be your allies in the company as you drive adoption, and using the right metrics to drive success as you scale.