Not-for-profit: CX learnings from the covid crisis

Published date: 20 Jul 2020

Why charities need CX now more than ever

Demand for their services has skyrocketed but income has plummeted. There is no denying this has left the charity sector feeling vulnerable.

A predicted £4bn of losses across the charity sector trying to meet the increasing demand – for some up by 88% – means it’s easy to see why 1 in 10 charities are facing bankruptcy by the end of this year.

Facing a future trying to overcome the significant deficit, charities and not-for-profits are dealing with more challenges than most, and decisions need to be made quickly and efficiently.

Challenge 1 – Fall in revenue and funding

Charity shops have had to close, donations are falling, fundraising events cancelled, government grants slashed or postponed. When it comes to the money coming into charities and not-for-profits, the books are not looking too healthy.

Fundraising and getting enough money in through the door has always been one of the top priorities, but now more than ever, the pressure is on. Has there been a lack of originality when it comes to fundraising during the pandemic? When it comes to attracting attention when everyone is calling for money, how can charities stand out from the crowd?

With a recent survey reporting that 64% of charities have furloughed staff, and office closures being tabled, all whilst demand for some services reaching record highs, this could be the biggest challenge of them all.

Challenge 2 – Need for digital skills

At a time when those in the not-for-profit sector are looking to make a human connection in an increasingly digital world, digital skills are paramount. However, based on a recent survey (Charity Digital Skills Report 2020) of more than 400 charity professionals, 18% said their charity had poor digital skills. On top of that, more than a third said they don’t have the income to invest in improving these skills, causing concern in the sector.

As more staff work from home, and the increasing need for services to be delivered via digital channels, this need has skyrocketed up the list of priorities. How can this sector deliver?

Challenge 3 – Protecting staff, volunteers and customers

As charity shops begin to re-open, and face-to-face services begin to be offered again, leaders within the not-for-profit sector are now tasked with protecting a number of stakeholders – from their own staff, to volunteers on the frontline, and the wider customer base. Often based across wide geographies, guidelines they set up have to be understood and followed by different demographics.

This goes beyond the PPE debate, and the 72 hour quarantine period on goods donated to charity shops, and for a sector driven by emotion and understanding, a whole new range of challenges emerge.

If there was ever a sector that needed CX leaders to show them the way, it is this one!

Which is why TribeCX has reached out to our network to bring together CX leaders from the not-for-profit sector for a roundtable discussion. Professionals from City & Guild, RNLI, British Council, and CHP will be sharing the highs and lows, the what worked and what didn’t, and what customer experience practices they are putting in place now to deal with this crisis, and prepare themselves for the next one.

See the event and join here