National Grid come out on top with CX improvements

Published date: 17 Jun 2021

Clare Naunton, the Head of CX at National Grid, shares the company’s success and results in customer experience since working with TribeCX.

From where they were over 2 years ago before working with TribeCX to now, Clare highlights the CX improvements.

National Grid were ‘bottom of the pack’ and ‘busy’ on customer experience, but not seeing the improvements and the impact they needed.

TribeCX has worked and continues to work with National Grid on upskilling and working with the team on 25+ sprints across the organisation to practically improve and scale their CX goals.

“We’ve delivered our best performing year, EVER! in terms of our customer and stakeholder satisfaction.

“We have doubled our customer incentive in a two-year period, so these things have absolutely delivered results.

“We’ve gone from bottom of the pack to knocking on the door of an upper quartile performance in a number of areas where we’ve targeted that improvement, but also across the board we’ve shown a real shift in terms of that customer focus.”