EX and CX go hand in hand

Published date: 22 Apr 2021

Customer experience and employee experience are directly linked.

In an interview with HR Director, Donna Miller, at Enterprise Rent-A-Car, and Simon Brown, former HR Director at GSK, the Coca-Cola Company, we discuss the strong relationship between employee experience and customer experience, especially now in the return to the ‘new normal’ post-pandemic. 

An organisations employee experience directly impacts the customer experience. 

“Creating a culture of happy and engaged employees is what keeps a company growing, keeps it successful, and keeps customers coming back. 

“Look after your people and your customers, and the profits will look after themselves,” said Donna. 

Donna Miller, HR Director at Enterprise Rent-A-Car

During the pandemic, employees have either been furloughed, had their hours cut, or have been afraid of how COVID-19 would affect their jobs and career.  

Those who could continue to work, worked from home, and would sit in front of their computers or laptops endlessly, thus succumbing to pandemic fatigue or burnout. 

HR and wellbeing for employees is now more important than ever to keep up a strong and compelling experience for customers, especially in a 24/7 365 digital world. 

“People who feel good about themselves, produce good results.”  

Simon Brown, former GSK HR Director

Organisations can do this by providing employees, new and old, with continuous world-class training, leading and supportive mentoring and coaching, and all the tools needed to carry out their jobs and go above and beyond with customers. 

Donna explained how the consistent implementation of employee development was a key approach to driving a strong customer experience. 

“It’s important to provide a clear and transparent career path… We hire people and provide them with the tools to deliver an exceptional customer service, giving them the autonomy to solve customer problems themselves without having to get in touch with management.” 

This shows how an organisations North Star provides the framework for this empowerment. Setting out a clearly the experience they want to deliver and behaviours they want to encourage and build. 

Donna added: “Every employee has a team and mentoring to get support and help from others that have been in their shoes – everyone’s been there, as they started in the management training programme, and they can help them through that process.” 

The link between EX and CX is prominent. Employees and customers both want the same thing. 

“Both (employees and customers) want to feel valued, part of a group, respected, trusted and valued.” 

Keeping all employees engaged, especially in large businesses, can be difficult. 

Reward and recognition, as well as driving core values underpinned by performance behaviours, were highlighted as practical strategies to driving customer and employee experience. 

Donna explained: “We tie [employees] career advancement directly to their success in completely satisfying customers. We keep careers moving ahead. Manage what you measure and continue to develop and meet our customer needs.” 

Simon shared how management would come together to create a vision and roadmap, which was then shared, discussed and involved employees. 

Donna agreed, saying: “Creating the culture of shared values and behaviours that focus employees on delivering great customer experiences. Thinking about a culture that employees want to feel a part of, one they’re proud of, and values that near their own.” 

Driving employee experience is key to the success of customer experience. If your employees are happy, taken care of, engaged and provided with the tools and environment to thrive, they will be excited and driven to go above and beyond for your customers. 

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