How and Why CX Sprints Help Deliver Results?

Published date: 12 Jan 2023

CX sprints have been adopted by many different industries and disciplines. In general, sprints are a way of driving change with a focused team over a short time period.

At TribeCX, we have developed our own methodology which we deliver through ‘CX Sprints’ – the way we help customers drive CX improvements.

Attribute business value to CX 

CX is hard as it cuts across many disciplines. Driving change requires buy-in from most of the organisation and as such they need to be convinced of the business value of doing so. So, how can you prove that CX delivers business results? 

CX Sprints are designed to do exactly that. They identify ‘real’ rather than perceived customer pain points to tackle. Early on, the organisation is asked ‘what will it take to be convinced?’ and this is used to generate the targets that the sprint needs to achieve. The whole process is geared around meeting those targets so at the end you can indeed say ‘CX delivered this business value’.  

But what is it about our CX Sprints that matter? How are they different and why are they successful? 

The answer is twofold – the customer is at the centre 

Throughout the whole process, the customer is at the centre of everything; the research, the analysis, the design decisions and critically, the measures of success. 

Traditional problem solving is often hamstrung by known limitations of organisations, be that system issues or having enough people. By putting the customer at the centre, these restrictions fall away from the creative process. This leads to a deliberately designed customer experience that is consistent with the brand – what CX is all about.