CX Communication Programmes

Published date: 04 Jan 2021

TribeCX CEO David Hicks and Regional Business Leader Mark Mitchell unleash the secrets of a successful and results-driven CX communication programme.

CX communication programmes a way to track and improve the customer perception of your organisation, its services, products, and commuication. This is the best way to put CX at the centre of everything you do.

Three goals of a CX programme is to:

  • Create an awareness
  • Understanding, and
  • Advocacy

Mark Mitchell emphasis the importance of voice of customer, but also the voice of your employees is important:-

“Listen to your colleagues, team and customers. A communication program that meets where these all are, and create the champions you need for your brand.”

Your North Star is your driving force of everything you do, and always centred around the customer. To make sure all CX communications across the business are aligned, is to make everything consistent to your North Star.

“Make sure your North Star is still relevent to all your audiences; to your customers, colleagues and stakeholders.

“Any difference or dissenence of this will mean the power of the north star, the single source to which everything is directed, gets lost.”

David Hicks – TribeCX CEO

With budgets and spending being frozen, slashed and removed due to Covid-19, TribeCX CEO David Hicks emphasises that aligning to the North Star doesn’t cost you more money.

“Why wouldn’t you be wanting to make sure all communications are delivering on one understanding and one common promise,” he added.

The success of a CX communication program is understanding that ‘communication is most effective when it comes from multiple sources, and is regularly reinforced’.

Mark Mitchell points out that you should:

  • Find ways to celebrate, manage and the wins, to reinforce the good behaviours.
  • Ensure the communication program is engaged and engrained within the leadership of the company.
  • Make sure leadership comes from the frontline and the C-suite to build a strong foundation of delivering a successful CX program.

Both David and Mark showcase the importance of everyone working together, listening and showing what’s been heard, to drive successful change.

“It’s got to have a multi-faceted and multi-pinnacle approach to be able to come from many angles and many perspectives, to meet people where they are.”

Mark P Mitchell – TribeCX

Watch the video below as we answer:

  • How to start a CX communication programme?
  • How to make your CX communication programme is effective?
  • How to make your CX communication programme successful?
  • What you can ‘Do Now’, as a CX leader, to drive practical results from your CX communication programme

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