5 tips to create the perfect CX Sprint Brief

Published date: 02 Aug 2021

Do you want to gain alignment and buy-in for a CX sprint from the start?  

All CX project methodologies encourage documenting the basics of the project right at the start. In a CX sprint we call this a Sprint Brief, and it’s a critical document to get right.

Here are 5 top tips to help you prepare a perfect sprint brief and get the most out of it.

  1. Problem statements – a good practice here is to phrase from the customers’ perspective and in the format of “Our customer’s want to do … but they are unable to because …” 
  2. Scope – a lot of new information is learned during a sprint and often the problem you’re solving can change shape. Having a clear idea up of what you will include/exclude in the sprint is key. e.g. If you know the problem is particularly evident in a specific geography, then purposefully exclude other geographies. This will help focus and scope. 
  3. Perfection – Accept that things will change as you progress through a sprint. You wont know everything at the start, and this is ok! For example, Proof Points – as you spend time in discovery, often the problem is not quite as you first thought so proof points may adjust.  
  4. Alignment – Sprint Lead(s) and Sponsor(s) may write and own the brief, often without team engagement and support. Use the Kick-Off workshop to get input and alignment so everyone owns the problem that needs to be solved. 
  5. Use it – A strong sprint brief will help you through challenging times during a sprint. This will help clarify scope, purpose, and benefits, so it’s important to use it.