5 steps to gain a holistic view on customer insights 

Published date: 09 Jul 2024

Large organisations often face a challenge: valuable customer insights are scattered across various departments, hindering a complete understanding of their clientele. This fragmented view can lead to missed opportunities and hinder efforts to deliver exceptional customer experiences. Here’s how to break down the silos and gain a holistic view of your customers: 

5 ways to get a holistic view on customer insights in large organisations

From Data to Insights: Unlocking the “Aha Moment” 

Customer data is essential, but true magic happens when it’s transformed into actionable customer insights. This requires analysing both quantitative (numbers) and qualitative (descriptive) data to understand the “why” behind customer behaviour. Tools like sentiment analysis can reveal areas of strength and weakness, while in-depth interviews can uncover deeper motivations and perceptions. 

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Breaking Down the Silos: Fostering Collaboration 

Often, customer insights reside in departmental pockets: marketing holds website clickstream data, while customer service logs support interactions. To overcome this, consider a centralised customer data platform (CDP) that integrates information from various sources. This fosters collaboration by providing a single source of truth for all customer-centric teams. 

Actionable Insights: The Bridge Between Understanding and Results 

Don’t let valuable insights gather dust. Ask the crucial question: “So what?” How will this insight translate into action that improves the customer experience? Is it aligned with your overall customer strategy? Insights that don’t drive action are like interesting anecdotes – they hold little value. 

How to turn actions into insights

The Power of Storytelling: Weaving Data and Narrative 

Numbers are powerful, but stories resonate. When presenting insights, weave data with qualitative elements to paint a vivid picture of your customer’s journey. This humanises the data and makes it more relatable for stakeholders across the organisation. 

Building a Culture of Customer Centricity 

Holistic customer insights aren’t a one-time project. Embed a customer-centric culture within your organisation. Encourage cross-departmental collaboration and ensure everyone understands the importance of customer insights in driving business success. 

By following these steps, large organisations can break down data silos, transform information into actionable insights, and ultimately use customer understanding to create a more loyal and satisfied customer base. 

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