Digital CX – Learn how from two influential CX leaders

Mar 05, 2018

Digital engagement is one of the most efficient ways to progress in your CX. But how do you make sure you are giving your customers the experience they want? TribeCX advisors, Tim Hughes and Brad Smith, discuss how to accelerate the delivery of the ideal customer experience using digital engagement. 

At TribeCX, we have a unique team of CX people who've achieved CX success as practitioners.  And we're thrilled to have Tim and Brad sharing their best practices and lessons learned. Tim’s worked across multiple sectors, building distinctive experiences, most recently as Head of Customer Excellence at HSBC, one of the top five largest banks in the world. Brad’s led customer centric transformation for companies like Symantec, Yahoo and most recently held the positions of CXO and CMO for Sage, a multinational enterprise software company.

What have Tim and Brad learned along the way?

When looking at a customer’s digital experience, we must keep our propositions straightforward, understanding the activity the customer is experiencing and how that impacts their digital experience. The larger a company is, the more diverse a customer base is, and the more considerations come into play. You need to understand different laws, governance, industry nuances and create a value proposition that speaks to different end user roles. That’s where digital plays a valuable role, it's the only scalable way to have multiple, personalised conversations with customers.

Understand the end-to-end journey

Your processes must be aligned in each aspect of your business. This means joining the capabilities in the backend with the front.  And each activity needs to address the needs of the customer in a joined up way across your brand.  For example, if you launch a new product online, your call centre must be fully equipped to manage any questions or troubleshooting your customers may need. When you understand the end-to-end journey, you keep a clean process that makes the user feel good.  Creating a CX map will help if you don't already have one in place.

Don’t race to relevancy

People strive to be the first to market with digital innovation, in order for this to work, always walk the path of the customer first. Consider all possibilities and make sure your processes in the backend line up with the front end. 

And things to keep in mind

  • The power of connection – we are striving to build relationships and having a human connection through digital. Focus on keeping that connection with your brand and your promise. The value you add is making it a real experience, measuring that connection and creating new possibilities.
  • Focus on things that enable digital growth.
  • Managing the knowledge – is it transferable across the business?  How nimble is your business and how quickly can it take a turn?
  • Regularly review your business model and your target-operating model – consider your opportunities and where your growth area is.  Stay relevant.

Digital engagement is an efficent way to create a stronger connection with your customer and reach your business targets.  And you'll do this more effective if you keep your customer's needs in mind and continue to provide the experience that they value.

Watch the video to take advantage of all best practices and examples. Want to be a Digital CX superstar? Take our Free Assessment.  We'd be happy to have a virtual coffee to discuss your Digital CX agenda.

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