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This is the CX Help Hub in response to the Covid-19 epidemic in 2020. We are here to help!
TribeCX bring together their expertise and knowledge to advise CX leaders on the things they need to be doing now, and how to prepare for the new reality as the coronovirus continues and post-epidemic.
We will be updating this page with articles, videos and more over the coming weeks to help you manage your CX during and post c-19.

C19 is NOT a sales opportunity

Mar 13, 2020


David Hicks, TribeCX CEO, comments on the coronavirus outbreak on LinkedIn, the way businesses are responding to the panic, and how they SHOULD be reacting instead:


"Yesterday 7/10 items on my LinkedIn feed were companies trying to position their products as responses to C19...


Real people are going to get hurt..."Families are going to lose loved ones before their time":Boris Johnson, 3/12/20.


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