CX Masterclass

CX Masterclass is an industry-first accredited online training course for CX practitioners.

How to use CX to drive business results

Do you want to know how to show measurable results from your customer experience programs and customer investments?​ We have the answers. Discover them in a TribeCX Masterclass.

CX training is mainly theoretical, which can make it difficult to apply course learning to your organisation and roles. But not ours. ​This is where TribeCX Masterclass is different.​

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CX Master ready

Whether you’re a CX beginner, skilled practitioner or advanced expert, our Masterclass coaching will drive you from Level 1 to Level 3, coaching you to be a CX Master.

TribeCX and CX Network have come together to provide you with a training course like no other.

Our innovative, highly applied and practical approach ensures our graduates are ready and able to deliver results immediately.

Training details:

Session 1: Getting set up for success

Session 2: Using journey mapping to identify customer improvements that matter

Session 3: How to redesign priority touchpoints

Session 4: Piloting improvements at speed & scaling

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CX Masterclass

What will I learn in CX Masterclass?

We bring together expert practitioner coaches who have delivered at the highest levels of CX, with proven approaches that work, to empower leaders who need to drive improved results.​

Tailored to you

Our expert-led groups provide an individualised, practical learning experience.​

Apply theory to your own business!

Each participant will apply their learning to their own customer issue or opportunity and be ready to deliver customer change in their company.

You’re a CX Master

Graduates are equipped and empowered to continue to lead customer-centred change and are recognised through accreditation.​

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Your coach

Headshot of David Hicks, CX Coach

David Hicks

Transformed Royal Mail’s customer management assets to deliver an integrated customer experience.

Proud co-founder of TribeCX and now runs all things sales. Previously founder and CEO of Mulberry Consulting, the largest international Customer Experience consulting business. David led the business for over 12 years, taking it from start-up till its sale, by then a global player with a fortune 500 client base.

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