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Drive tangible CX results from day one with TribeCX’s new CX Learning Community. 

Our CX Learning Community is about gaining real business value through developing CX capability within your organisation. 

We provide you with practical tools, theory, and how to apply everything to your business when it comes to customer experience – all produced by CX experts in the field. 

Get recognised for your work with an industry-first CX accreditation from City & Guilds. 

Member benefits

Self-serve learning for busy CX teams

Learn at your own pace; accessing the CX learning materials whenever and however it suits your team

Gain industry-first accreditation by City & Guilds

Members can be recognised with a prestigious and international accreditation, develop job-role competency, enable progression and deliver better value for customers

Regular reporting

Receive regular reports on your organisation’s / team’s learning progress and engagement within the community

Engaging bitesize learning

Drive tangible results from a tried and tested approach, produced by CX experts in the field

Exclusive members-only benefits

Gain further industry insights from guest speakers with CX expert Q&A sessions, intimate CX roundtables, and networking sessions

Join CX Learning Community

TribeCX CX Learning Community is unique in that it offers not only a learning platform for CX practitioners, but a community of like-minded experts, all in one place. 

Get unlimited access to CX learning and tools for: 

  • Customer Journey Mapping
  • CX Metrics
  • CX Communications
  • CX Governance
  • CX Listening
  • And much, much more

With a wide range of easy-to-use templates, industry examples, and CX experts on hand, you’ll have everything you need to drive real CX results from day one. 

TribeCX Membership
£399 / year - 1 account

24/7 bitesize learning

Exclusive online events

Access to 150+ CX experts

Ask questions and share insights with CX leaders

Earn City & Guilds CX accreditation

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Q. What is TribeCX CX Learning Community?

CX Learning Community is TribeCX’s self-serve learning and development offering with a difference. Get you, your CX team, and others in your organisation aligned on CX, providing them with the tools and expertise to deliver results in your business.

With a 150+ practitioner-filled community, working in customer experience doesn’t have to be lonely.

Q. How does membership work?

Whether you’re an enterprise with teams delivering experiences, or an individual CX practitioner, an annual membership to CX Learning Community will get you unlimited access to an online learning community, teaching you the application of customer experience, not just the theory.

Download templates and examples to use across your organisation. And join exclusive events and discussions around customer experience with 150+ members across a wide range of industries and sectors.

Q. How does an enterprise membership work?

Our Enterprise membership is a discounted annual subscription for 20+ memberships for your team or organisation to join our TribeCX CX Learning Community.

We will arrange a call to discuss the number of memberships you need, provide a demo of the platform and answer any questions you may have about learning and opportunities in the community.

You will choose who you want your accounts to be given to, and we will work with you to onboard your members smoothly to the new community.

Each member will be able to work towards an industry and world-first accreditation by City & Guilds and join exclusive member events.

Talk to us today 

Q. What are the benefits of a CX accreditation from City & Guilds?

City & Guilds is the global leader in skills development. TribeCX offers an industry and world-first City & Guilds CX accreditation.

Having a CX accreditation will mean every learner will have an aligned skillset to improve their job role and the service given to customers.

Grow your business, increase revenue and enhance progression opportunities with an accreditation.

Q. What is an ‘Active Practitioner’?

‘Active Practitioner’ is an annual CX practitioner recognition for learning, engaging, and applying what you’ve learned within the CX Learning Community.

Our TribeCX learning programmes are a first in Customer Experience to be assured by City & Guilds. Assured is a global quality benchmark that recognises excellence in training and learning.

Q. How do I get recognised as an ‘Active Practitioner’?

By completing 3 or more learning plans within the 12-month membership timeframe, learning the theory and proving your application, you’ll earn an ‘Active Practitioner’ badge, which is globally recognised.

Annually you will need to prove your application and complete further learning to keep your ‘Active Practitioner’ status.

Q. How do I renew my membership to CX Learning Community?

Your membership will automatically renew annually. You can manage your membership and payment details here 

Q. How do I update my payment details?

You can manage your membership and payment details here 

Q. What happens at the end of my membership period if I cancel my membership to CX Learning?

If you cancel your annual membership, you will lose access to all learning, templates, exclusive events, and the community on the date of your annual renewal.

If you’ve gained ‘Active Practitioner’ status, your accreditation will expire after 12 months.

Q. What happens if I decide to renew after my membership expires?

When you renew your membership to CX Learning Community, your previous learning plan progression and content will be visible and accessible where you left off.

'Taking the course is a commitment to improve and put into practice theoretical knowledge of CX. Thanks to the course, the material offered, and the coaching sessions, progress can be made that would otherwise not be feasible.'
Elsevier – Academic Publishing,
'I found the course very engaging and helped change my mindset on CX. The coaching sessions were by far the most valuable part and Jack was able to really drive the information home.'
Elsevier – Academic Publishing,
'The one-to-one coaching has been first class. It's a great opportunity to learn more about CX and how to carry out a project based on CX. I'd recommend spreading it to as many people as practical.'
Elsevier – Academic Publishing,
'Loved every minute of it. It was interactive and extremely informative. I can definitely see myself using this learning in my role.’ 
CX Transformation & Service Excellence ,
‘The course content is very appropriate and useful. This is a fantastic tool. For the first time, I visualized the point of logistics differently. Thank you very much.’ 
CX Network Graduate,
‘You gave me the tools to implement, and I have a better view of how to make a change in my company so we can give better services to our clients.'
CX Network Graduate,
‘Collaboration with cross-functional teams and experts has meant that I learned more about the business, their role, and how we can better serve our customers.' 
Elsevier – Academic Publishing,
'CX Learning teaches you how to take an abstract idea and think it’s going to help CX, put the structure around it, and then prove it.'
Geert-Jaap – Revenue of US20m within 5 years,
‘Practical learning, easy to apply concepts and frameworks. I have learned so much from the course, and the pace was just right.' 
CX Network,
‘Practical tools to apply in day-to-day work. Was an insightful and fun way to understand user / customer journeys to solve problems.’
CX Transformation & Service Excellence ,
'It has been brilliant. The whole format is really engaging and I love the feeling of support from the rest of the group as we all go on this journey together.'
Elsevier – Academic Publishing,
‘I’ve been in a lot of training in CX, but have never seen it so practical and so useful in how you translate it for my industry’ 
Roche – CX Masterclass , Andre Grandt