The 330: HR and the Customer Experience

Jun 04, 2019

Season 1: Episode 6

Time: 32 minutes


Donna Miller, HR Director, Europe, Enterprise Rent-A-Car, and Simon Brown, former HR Director at GSK, The Coca-Cola Company, and now Managing Director at Simon Brown Associates speak with TribeCX CEO, David Hicks about how human resources strategies can improve CX. In addition, they also discuss how developing employee engagement can improve the customer experience.


The 330: The Voice of the Customer and Getting the Most from Your CX Programs

Apr 03, 2019

Season 1: Episode 3

Time: 38 minutes


Neil Balbirnie, Vice President Client Experience, Design and Insight at RBC speaks with TribeCX Chair, Mark Harrison about how to scale experience management and how to engage all stakeholders.  In addition, he also shares details on the power of a CX Playbook, talking through prioritization, and distilling down to a set of guiding principles. 


The 330: CX for Mid-Tier Banks

Mar 13, 2019

Season 1: Episode 2

Time: 38 minutes


Listen to three leading CX professionals discuss what they’ve learned about engaging customers and driving business performance from customer experience in the financial services industry. David Hicks, CEO of TribeCX, spoke with Dave Mingle, CX Lead at Qualtrics, Tim Sharman, Quality Program Global Lead at Mastercard, and Chad Raube, President and CEO of Info-Pro Lender Services Inc., to learn more about their experiences implementing CX programs, including what they wished they’d known earlier in their careers.


The 330: Customer equals Commercial, the Equation for all Successful CX Programs

Mar 04, 2019

Season 1: Episode 1

Time: 32 minutes


Mark Evans, Marketing Director of Direct Line Group talks with TribeCX Chair, Mark Harrison about finding the intersection of what’s good for the customer is good for investors, managing the optics of a CX program and how empowerment in your employees works.  In addition, the 2018 Marketing Leader of the Year gives practical insights into the one thing he wished he’d known, what works, and what doesn’t to drive performance from experience.


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