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How Technology Can Improve the In-Store Experience

Oct 17, 2016

Having better-informed employees will not only help you retain more customers, it will also improve your customer experience. A survey that was carried out in June 2016, discovered that technology could help retailers engage more with their customers and help educate their in-store employees. Retailers are reaping the benefits from using in-store technologies to enhance the shopping experience.

It’s All in the Data. Really?

Oct 14, 2016

You can’t deny it. We now live in a world which is driven by data. A real-time world where we expect to be connected at all times and to stand out from the rest, a company needs great predictive capabilities. This is true for both B2B or B2C worlds.

It’s all about the data. Or rather in having the data and its algorithms. But data and algorithms aren’t the goal. How does the customer benefit?

Let’s Park the Semantics of ‘Customer Experience’ or ‘User Experience’

Oct 13, 2016

Is it “customer experience” or “user experience”? What’s the difference? In this piece Michelle Gilmore, Design Director and Founder at Neoteny examines the distinction between the two. It also explores how semantics and data can be used to improve upon great products and services for those who own, work within and use them?


- Article initially published by Michelle Gilmore, September 26th 2016.


How to Improve Customer Experience: 5 Ideas From CX Experts

Oct 09, 2016

Finally, organisations have started to put customer experience (CX) at the top of the agenda. According to Forrester, 57% of executive teams want their companies to be considered CX leaders of their industry.

Astute Solutions find out how. They’ve shared their top five customer engagement ideas to help you improve your CX, straight from the experts.

Digital-First Journeys Lead to Higher Customer-Satisfaction Scores

Aug 27, 2016

CX is changing! A few years ago it was the new kid on the block but now it’s growing up fast. Its presence is felt across the organisation. No longer a service or marketing function. CX is in the boardroom. 

Customers’ expectations are growing. And they choose the experience they want to have. This means barriers to switching to another brand is declining, with digital playing a leading role.  Organisations are driving CX change through their digital services and channels - a digital-first journey.


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