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Would you do that to your mother?

May 08, 2018

How would your company act if every customer were your mom? Jeanne Bliss’s new book, “Would You Do That To Your Mother?” is packed with case studies, anecdotes, and actionable advice to help your team be more empathetic and empowered. We're joining her movement to #MakeMomProud in our business decisions! Learn more about her new book here: /

A must read for every CX lead.

How to Map Content to the Digital Customer Experience

Nov 02, 2016

Are you offering your customers the best customer experience you can? How can you make sure you’re playing your trump card each time they interact with you? When is come to the digital customer experience, knowledge is power.  

This article by IBM explores the importance of knowing your digital landscape, mapping your content and building a top-quality experience for customers.

Servicing a Lifetime, Not a Transaction

Oct 18, 2016

Around 9:30pm for the past 4 years, my wife and I have heard the Disneyland fireworks. The booming call reminds us of the rolling thunder from our Florida childhoods. Memories of summer storms mix with memories of Disney World, and it always gives us warm feelings. But how does Disney do that? How is it that something so personal, and central to my core is connected to an international conglomerate corporation with a market cap of over $169 million?


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