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Our team and advisory board of Tribal Elders is made up of acknowledged global experts in customer experience.
As an established direct marketing executive and thought leader, I have seen how the experience of companies’ current customers can impact their acquisition of new customers.Read more
Customers are people, not robots. Emotions count, and every CX creates good or bad emotions, either by design or accident.Read more
I believe that for an organisation to deliver sustainable organic growth everything an organisation does should start and end with customers’ best interests in mind.Read more
Over 20 years of experience of transforming the culture of marketing organisations in Asia Pacific to be motivated, aligned and customer centric.Read more
I’m one of the early CRM and digital pioneers, having leveraged ‘Big’ Data to develop ground breaking loyalty and relationship marketing programs.Read more
I was attracted to CX because I wanted to prove that delivering a better deal for customers could provide significant business benefits too. And I was right, it can be a win win. Since then, I’ve worked across multiple...Read more
I enjoy championing the revolutionary principles and knowhow of modern CX and integrated marketing.Read more
Drives contribution to bottom line results through strategic planning and designing services to deliver consistent brand and value messaging.Read more
As a customer experience executive with a deep background in marketing, I’m known for launching innovative products that generate strong revenue and meet customer needs.Read more
My mission is to help define what the future of mobility experience will look like and to inspire a customer-centric mindset and approach to making it happen.Read more
Organizations will only succeed at adopting CX if they truly understand why it’s critical to be customer obsessed.Read more
I believe that our digital future isn’t predestined; leaders need to have the ambition and the risk appetite to invent the future that customers deserve.Read more
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