Debbie Newport

Chief Experience and Operations Officer
Calade Partners
Memphis, TN

Organizations will only succeed at adopting CX if they truly understand why it’s critical to be customer obsessed. In a world where information flows faster than ever, managing customer interactions to compete and differentiate with market disrupters and start-ups is vital. It’s a matter of survival in today’s customer empowered environment.

During my 28 years with FedEx, I held more than nine positions to innovate and adopt emerging disciplines to improve the customer experience and drive enhanced financial performance.

I’m now using my vast knowledge and proven methods through the formation of a new company, Calade Partners, where I’m the Chief Experience and Operations Officer. I advocate for customers and am passionate about helping my clients deploy CX tools so that they can dazzle their customers and win their loyalty.

I love anything outdoors including gardening, travel, lakes, beaches - you name it.  I have an incredible professional and personal life by design. After all, I’m a passionate CX professional!


Key CX Achievements: 
  1. In 2007, implemented a global CX strategy at FedEx, before CX was cool! Fantastic results delivered incremental revenue of $180M and cost savings of $111M.
  2. Successfully implemented CX practice for clients across multiple industries in the private, public and non-profit sectors.
  3. Guided one of the largest US non-profit organizations to begin managing their members’ experiences with their products and services in order to delight and retain them. They’ve adopted the Customer Experience Management practice and are successfully redefining how they serve their members! 
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