Ash Pal

Chichester, UK

I believe that our digital future isn’t predestined; leaders need to have the ambition and the risk appetite to invent the future that customers deserve. A CX focus is the most honest way to orchestrate a digital conversation.

Since 2014 I’ve been the Chief Disruption Officer at BloodyIT™, a distinctive international boutique focused on leadership and digital transformation. All our clients are “up and out,” sophisticated and visionary leaders in the world’s largest firms, conquering the once in a career leadership challenges of digitalisation. I focus on the emotional decision drivers such as pain points or points of friction, customer differentiation, miracle questions and moments of truth. 

As Organisation Director at Globus, I was involved in some of the world’s largest digital projects including Expo 2020 and Dubai’s aspiration to be the Smartest City in the world and Singapore’s aspiration to be the world’s first “Smart Nation”.

My highly engaging speaking style means I get invited to speak all over the world. To date I’ve presented at over 200 client and vendor events in 40+ countries on 5 continents.

I have 5 dogs who are my executive committee and am also a trained mental health professional.


Key CX Achievements: 
  1. Created the digital target operating model for a massive, diversified, industrial multinational looking to digitally reinvent itself. Customer experience capabilities (e.g. enhanced overall CX, improved engagement, leadership behaviour, process and drove culture change).
  2. Created the new IT leadership model principles for a multibillion healthcare company. Tasked to successfully move the organization from an internal and chaotic way of working, to a new streamlined way of working focused on customer need and improving customer experience. 
  3. Led the culture change for a major technology company facing severe competitor pressure. Transformed it from a technology and competitor focus, to a focus on customer needs. This work continues via coaching and facilitation on customer obsession and using CX principles to drive superior team results.
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