Angus Jenkinson

London, UK

I’m a digital pioneer and thinker in strategic design and integration of individualised CX. I’ve extensive experience as business leader, entrepreneur, strategy advisor, CX designer, research professor and practice designer.

In 1986 I co-founded and led the European market leader in digital marketing, now part of Rapp. I visioned and led design of the world’s first successful commercial software/service system. It inaugurated systemic CX touchpoint strategy and business design. Then, I founded, a consultancy helping companies get closer to customers: 25 years enabling ways to think, organise and do it.

I enjoy championing the revolutionary principles and knowhow of modern CX and integrated marketing.  

I’m  a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Marketing, Founding/Hon. Fellow of the Institute of Digital Marketing (IDM), Member of the Cybernetic Society.  Oh, and an artist.


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