Delivering strong business results through a customer centric strategy

Jun 04, 2018

Welcome to our fireside chat with two CX practitioners who have delivered business results to their brands, globally.

CX is one of the most important factors in helping businesses develop and grow at a positive rate. So, it’s important that businesses align their organisation along a common customer centric purpose. But, how can you achieve this customer centric mission throughout your organisation? What are the best practices to carry it out?

Aligning your CX vision within your organisaiton

Jun 04, 2018

Welcome to a best practice webinar where TribeCX CEO, David Hicks, talks with Olivier Mourrieras about aligning a firms vision on customer experience using his extensive experience as a CX practitioner at E.ON and Orange.

Olivier is a TribeCX Advisor and  founder at CX-Impact.  He is the former VP of Global Customer Experience at E.ON.




Digital CX – Learn how from two influential CX leaders

Mar 05, 2018

Digital engagement is one of the most efficient ways to progress in your CX. But how do you make sure you are giving your customers the experience they want? TribeCX advisors, Tim Hughes and Brad Smith, discuss how to accelerate the delivery of the ideal customer experience using digital engagement. 

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